Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to schedule an appointment if you are a first time client of Balanced Rock Therapeutic Massage is to call: 608-963-9537. Please leave a message if I do not answer as I may be with a client. Leave the day of the week and time of the day you are most interested in for receiving your massage and I will get back to you when my schedule allows.

If you are using the email option of this website, please be specific about what days and times you are looking for so when I contact you I can have some options available.

Returning clients, you may call or text to set up your next appointment.

Yes, only if I happen to have an opening. Same day appointments are rare as my loyal clients keep my schedule full, but I do have an occasional opening. Call to find out, 608-963-9537.

Yes, I require draping during the session for your modesty and my professionalism. The minimum draping is a sheet. I will always start with the blanket on the table, if you find yourself too warm, the blanket and only the blanket will be removed. You should never feel that you have been exposed during a massage. I only uncover the specific area that I am working on at the time.

Support the overall health by balancing the body by treating it as a whole instead of individual parts.

Assists in maintaining a healthy body and physical condition.

Relieves/reduces pain, discomfort, and stiffness and helps advance the healing process.

An increased range of motion, releases muscle tension, helps muscles perform freely and enhances muscle tone which helps prevent injury.

Reduced inflammation/swelling in the joints which alleviates pain.

Carries away excessive fluids/toxins and promotes healing by increasing nutrients to the muscles.

Stimulates circulation and releases endorphins which are natural pain killers.

Increases lymphatic circulation and brings oxygen and boosts the immune system.

Prevents and relieves stress.

Promotes reduction in blood pressure

Great for self-care

Helps with reduce anxiety and depression by increasing the feel good chemical in your brain,

There are so many more benefits, and oh yeah, it just feels good!

I provide relief for the following conditions:

  • Hip Pain, Knee Pain & Back Pain
  • Headaches/Migraines
  • Sciatic Nerve Pain
  • Shoulder Injuries or Recovery
  • TMJ & Neck or Head Pain
  • Hand/Arm Pain
  • Foot Pain/Plantar Fasciitis
  • Restoring Range of Motion

I care about each of my clients and wish that everyone can enjoy their best life. Massage can help heal you from the inside out. I am passionate about movement and want to help you improve your mobility, increase your flexibility to keep your active lifestyle. Whether you hit the gym several times a week, take a walk around the block with your dog, or are recovering from a recent hip replacement. I will help you move better to feel better.

Each session is customized to you. There is no “cookie cutter” massage taking place. You are in charge and can ask for more or less pressure, the music selection, heat increased or decreased or to cut the session short for whatever reason. There is no judgement.

I do not charge extra for fire cupping or gua sha. No hidden fees.

60 minute massage session is $110

90 minute massage session is $150

No extra charge for fire cupping should you wish to experience it.

$25 service charge on all returned checks

Should you wish to pay with a credit card, you will pay the 4% processing fee.

An appointment is not considered “confirmed” unless an active/valid credit card is on file. This helps to ensure that you will show up for your appointment. Should you cancel or no show on your appointment, your card will be charged.

The appointment time has been set aside just for YOU! This is why I require a credit card on file or prepayment to reserve and guarantee your appointment. (Note, a Card on File is still required even if you are using a Gift Certificate to pay for your appointment).

Your card WILL NOT be charged unless you do not adhere to the cancelation policy. As a sole practitioner, 100% of my income comes from you, my valued clients. Therefore, when you cancel on short notice, you jeopardize my business. You are also taking an appointment away from someone else who could benefit from my services.

All efforts will be made to send reminder text messages 24-48 hours before your massage, but ultimately, it is your responsibility to show up for your massage.

Please drink plenty of water before arriving for your massage. Plan on arriving 5 -10 minutes before your session is to start, for instance, your massage time is 2PM, please plan to arrive between 1:50 and 1:55 to ensure we can maximize the time on the table.

Please drink plenty of fluids, water specifically. Try to move around a little after the massage so your muscles have a chance to remain loose before sitting or being stationary for an extended period of time. If you received cupping or gua sha work, extra water will help flush any toxins that were loosened up in your session.

I do not bill insurance at this time, however, I can swipe your FSA/HSA card and provide you with a receipt documenting the session you received.

I have worked on children as young as six. A parental consent form is required for anyone under the age of 18. If you are interested in having your child receive a massage, we can discuss the specifics.

All massages are booked by appointment only. I do not take walk-in appointments. My hours are 9 am to starting my last session no later than 5:30 pm. I work Monday – Thursday. If you are a first time client, please call to set up your appointment. I am closed on all major holidays if they fall during Monday – Thursday.