Equine Massage Service

Not your typical massage! Treat your equine friend to some injury prevention, improvements in their circulation, greater range of motion and overall sense of well being.

Horse Neck Massage

Equine massage uses a variety of massage techniques and strokes including direct pressure and compression to spread the muscle fibers, similar to working on people. This will  stimulate blood flow and circulation to different areas of the body helping to heal any injuries. Allowing muscle adhesions to give way and any restrictions to free helps to alleviate pain, stress and any discomfort in your equine’s body. Massage encourages the breakdown of scar tissue, while enhancing muscle tone at the same time removing lactic acid build up and eliminating other metabolic waste from the body.

Horse Massage

As the inflammation of joints is reduced, there will be an increased range of motion in the horse’s body. The massage will help to increase the endorphins in the body.

With a full body massage, the approximately 60 minute session, will include massaging every muscle group and can include optional stretching and tendon specific work to leave your equine companion feeling relaxed and balanced.

Massage encourages injured muscles to heal while allowing healthy muscles to stay flexible and pain free. Just think how you feel when you start a new workout routine. Your horse can also feel the same way when they are just starting their training or when they had a tough workout. Giving the gift of a massage is all the more reason to help your equine remain at the top of their game!

Horse Massage for Pain Relief

During a massage, your equine companion might drop their head, take a nap, nuzzle something near them or require lots of water among displaying other relaxing behaviors.

Post massage, you should walk your horse around for about 5 minutes and be allowed unlimited water.

A barn fee will be added to this service.

Treat your equine friend and schedule a massage today.